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Yixing getting defensive over EXO's sexuality
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"Actually, we are all men, real men ah! Everyone, don’t think of dirty thoughts!"

*this was after the crossdressing and wig talk*

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u want to dig that hole any deeper bro?


Apparently homophobia is an SM tradition! Because gay/bi/not straight men aren’t real men!

But seriously, not surprised at all. EXO’s so damn popular, I’m surprised they haven’t fucked up more by now (although the colorist comments and Kai saying the n word were pretty bad, people just don’t talk about it because they’re EXO).

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Well good thing your “like” for him is already in the past. His statement might be perceived differently and may elicit varying emotions but one thing I’m sure of is that the last thing Yixing would do is to hurt other people’s feeling.

The Yixing that I know loves his fans enough to stay behind everyone just to bow multiple times at them."If my bows could represent gratitude and respect, then I hope that you don’t think that I bow too much.” 

The Yixing that I know would apologize to his fans if he did something wrong because he could read their sentiments. “Regarding the lost fan gifts at the airport today, I would like to express my sincerest apologies. I will accept all criticism and change my habit of forgetting things easily. I understand that fans have it hard. From my heart- I’m deeply sorry.”

The Yixing that I know constantly wishes for world peace.

The Yixing that I know will donate his prize money to the nursing homes for the elderly.

What saddens me is that people are quick to judge him because of something like a ~*slip up*~? Yixing carefully wields his words like tools. Maybe he was just too blur to realize that he might offend some people with that statement. Maybe the problem lies on the fans because they’re too overly sensitive. Maybe all this misunderstanding lies in the fact that everyone is unique and was raised in a different environment, raised in a different culture. I just wish that everyone would be more open minded to things like these. Keep in mind that if you expect someone to act upon your culture then also act upon that person’s culture.

THIS ^^^ I also want to add. 1st, for the comment above about colorist comments and Kai said the n-word. What they said might be offensive to you and i agree they could have save it. But you gotta understand, and i’m sure Asian fans said this a lot, that we are raised in a culture that prefer pale skin and think pale skin looks better. So the ones with darker skin tone would stand out, and jokes like this are common among friends. Dont tell me you dont joke w/ ur friends, and sometimes use words that are considered offensive to outsiders but u know they wont take it that way ? They dont mean to insult or offend each other, and pls dont assume their emotions when you dont know them and only base on 5 sec of broadcast. They’ve been together for years now, I’m sure they know each other and if not, they’re men and they can solve their probs if they have any w/ each other. Even in daily lives, we always get comments on our skin. There are girls that seek whitening treatment and avoid the sun like plague, its like they’re obsessed w/ pale skin because they’re told since they were young that pale skin is better , clothes look better on pale skin and so on. And it has nothing to do w/ racism like in America, they prefer pale skin because back in the days ppl who did labor work under the sun had tanner skin while the upperclass stayed at home all day so they’re more pale. The notion of pale skin indicates your status and wealth and noble rose, and till now its imprinted in a lot of Asian ppl’s mind that pale skin is preferred. If you bash them for preferring pale skin, then why does no one call the ppl say who said “i want to be tanned, not pale” racist?

Now the the n-word, fans already spoke up that it wasnt Kai who said it. It was his friend who said it after Kai said this is America. Its most likely ignorance but since its not Kai,i wont say anything more. If you know him then it wasnt his voice, you can check it and it seems like a lot of ppl arent informed about this so yeah

Then to the whole Yixing’s issue and ppl bashing him over one freaking sentence and completely disregard what he has done before or how he is. Like stated above, i dont think he would want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I understand some ppl think of his comment as homophobic and such, but again, cultural differences play a big part. Its not an excuse but i hope ppl would look at both sides of the story before calling him out. Asian countries arent as open-minded about homosexuality like Western countries. China is even more conservative, esp with the one child policy, parents expect their  (one and only) son to get married and continue the family’s lineage. It’s a traditional and very important thing and also considered as filial duty. Also, not only China but most of Asian ppl grew up thinking that a marriage is between a man and a woman. So a lot find marriages between the same sex unbelievable and have rlly negative thoughts about it, esp the older generations.

I’ve read cases when the son get married due to so much pressure and expectation as a cover-up to please his parents, but confessed that he loves a boy later just to be disowned or disgusted by his parents while the wife is completely devastated. It’s heartbreaking. And I also heard that the Chinese members are made fun of and being called gay because they wear makeup so I can understand if Yixing wants to clarify it, though sometimes it’s just a mere question or a joke he shouldnt be worried too much about it. But he means no harm and not whatever you assume he mean it, so why do u get so worked up over it and over-analyzed his sentence than bashed him? If you’re disappointed or whatever, then u prob dont know him that much but fine, you can leave him, more Yixing for us. 

Sometimes fans are too sensitive, esp international fans because as far as I see, we’re the only ones who make a big deal about this. Have you ever seen Korean or Chinese fans spoke up about this and ever wonder why you havent? See, just this alone show that diff ppl receive things differently base on their bg, beliefs ,cultures and such. No culture is right or wrong and you shouldnt use your own belief as standard to judge others, try to understand and look at arguments from both sides instead. You can’t blame a person for growing up in a certain culture that resulted to having a certain point of view on different topics.

And I wanted to point that out because I was born in Asia, and I grew up thinking that pale skin is pretty too w/o much thoughts. I was told to cover up when I go out. I also thought that a marriage is between a man and woman only because that’s what I saw all my life and I never rlly heard about homosexual ppl nor did they want to come out because the backlash is strong. When I was a kid, I would find it weird too if I see two men holding hands just because its different from what i normally see and view as “right thing to do”. Then when I moved to America and learned about a lot of things while growing up, I know that everyone should deserve to love whoever as long as they’re happy and doesnt matter what skin tone you have, you’re still the same person inside and out. You’re still pretty and you deserve just as much as another person, and we’re all humans and equal. I experienced both of the sides of the arguments before so I rlly hope that everyone can be more open-minded and respectful toward each other. Dont impose your beliefs on others nor think that you’re right and they’re wrong just cause they think or do sth differently. That’s not how it works, and admit it, learning sth about other cultures is an rlly eye-opening experience like sth you think is normal where you live but is a taboo in another culture. So it’ll be nice if we can be more understanding, less judgmental and embrace each other’s differences. 

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I am really enjoying reading your notes aka your descent into kai madness

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if you really know jongin.. ~ then you know that this is a jongin-thing.

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excuse me mister, please put that tongue away!

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